Dental centar Omega

Dental Centar Omega is family owned private dental clinic and it was established in 2008. However, the business is in existence with same team of our professors and doctors goes back 20 years in past.  Our team consists of internationally recognized doctors of dental medicine, professors, assistant professors and members active in the scientific community. Each member of our team is continuously educated, attending both international and domestic scientific congresses. Constant and continuous education of our team members in wide fields of dental medicine is a guarantee of successful treatment and ability to provide best solutions for our patients. We approach each patient individually and we address problems through a custom tailored treatment providing best care and virtually painless treatment.

In our clinic we offer our patients only scientific based dental materials and implants with Premium level of quality and tecnology. We dont use “low quality materials”, “cheap implants” or “low cost dental tourism dentistry” and only proven dental professors with long term clinical experience can provide for uor patients premium level of quality and therapy. The cheaper dentistry you pay now, the more expensive it will be in future.

Dental centar Omega
Address: Strojarska cesta 26, Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 88 91 637
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